If you

  • Add a link to a non-existant page and save. (e.g. somewhere-over-the-rainbow)
  • Click the question mark to create the page.
  • Click the cancel button.

You get a 404 as the page doesn't exist. This patch redirects to the from location if it is known.

    === modified file 'IkiWiki/CGI.pm'
    --- IkiWiki/CGI.pm
    +++ IkiWiki/CGI.pm
    @@ -427,7 +427,11 @@

            if ($form->submitted eq "Cancel") {
    -               redirect($q, "$config{url}/".htmlpage($page));
    +               if ( $newpage && defined $from ) {
    +                       redirect($q, "$config{url}/".htmlpage($from));
    +               } else {
    +                       redirect($q, "$config{url}/".htmlpage($page));
    +               }
            elsif ($form->submitted eq "Preview") {

I think you mean to use $newfile? I've applied a modieid version that also deal with creating a new page with no defined $from location. done --Joey

Yes of course, that's what I get for submitting an untested patch! I must stop doing that.

[P.S. just above that is

            if (defined $type && length $type && $hooks{htmlize}{$type}) {

I'm a little worried by the possibly_foolish_untaint (good name for it by the way, makes it stick out). I don't think much can be done to exploit this (if anything), but it seems like you could have a very strict regex there rather than the untaint, is there aren't going to be many possible extensions. Something like /(.\w+)+/ (groups of dot separated alpha-num chars if my perl-foo isn't failing me). You could at least exclude / and ... I'm happy to turn this in to a patch if you agree.]

The reason it's safe to use possibly_foolish_untaint here is because of the check for $hooks{htmlize}{$type}. This limits it to types that have a registered htmlize hook (mdwn, etc), and not whatever random garbage an attacker might try to put in. If it wasn't for that check, using possibly_foolish_untaint there would be very foolish indeed.. --Joey

Nice, sorry I missed it. I must say thankyou for creating ikiwiki. The more I look at it, the more I admire what you are doing with it and how you are going about it