Web-edit the Sandbox, select Preview and watch all UTF-8 character getting garbled (would also get committed like this). Or is it a problem with my pretty standard Ubuntu gutsy Firefox installation? --tschwinge

Fixed, but I wish I knew what changed to break this. My guess is it might have changed in the new upstream release of FormBuilder. All forms using formbuilder were affected, none of them were utf-8 clean, and I know that ikiwiki used to be fully utf-8 clean. The symptom of the problem is that in decode_form_utf8, Encode::is_utf8 says that the form field value is already valid utf-8, when in fact it's not yet been decoded. So I removed that line to fix it. --Joey

Now we test it for Cyrillic and Western letters: Протестируем кириллицу и ещё «другие» буквы: grüne Öl & hôtel — 3² × 2° --Shoorick