Error received when clicking on the "edit" link:

Error: [CGI::FormBuilder::AUTOLOAD] Fatal: Attempt to address non-existent field 'text' by name at /home/tealart/bin/share/perl/5.8.4/IkiWiki/ line 112

Error received when following a "Create New Page" (eg. ?) link:

Error: [CGI::FormBuilder::AUTOLOAD] Fatal: Attempt to address non-existent field 'param' by name at /home/tealart/bin/share/perl/5.8.4/IkiWiki/Plugin/ line 122

I could probably find several other flavors of this error if I went looking, but I trust you get the idea.

The CGI starts to render (this isn't the "you forgot to set the permissions/turn on the CGI" error) and then fails.

Further details:

  • Running on shared hosting (dreamhost; but everything compiles, dependencies installed, the site generates perfectly, other CGIs work, the file permissions work).

  • It's running perl 5.8.4, but I did upgrade gettext to 0.17

  • the server is running gcc v3.3.5 (at this point, this is the main difference between the working system and my box.)

  • I've removed the locale declarations from both the config file and the environment variable.

  • I've also modified the page template and have my templates in a non standard location. The wiki compiles fine, with the template, but might this be an issue? The CGI script doesn't (seem) to load under the new template, but I'm not sure how to address this issue.

  • All of the required/suggested module dependencies are installed (finally) to the latest version including (relevantly) CGI::FormBuilder 3.0501.

  • I'm running ikiwiki v3.08. Did I mention that it works perfectly in nearly every other way that I've managed to test thusfar?

I suspect that your perl is too old and is incompatible with the version of CGI::FormBuilder you have installed.

Is so, it seems likely that the same error message can be reproduced by running a simple command like this at the command line:

perl -e 'use warnings; use strict; use CGI::FormBuilder; my $form=CGI::FormBuilder->new; $form->text("boo")'


nope, that command produces no output. :/

I considered downgrading CGI::FormBuilder but I saw evidence of previous versions being incompatible with ikiwiki so I decided against that.

-- tychoish