Hi folks,

This is a fairly fresh wiki. I recently noticed the Links: section the the bottom looked like this:

Links: index recentchanges/change 0b2f03d3d21a3bb21f6de75d8711c73df227e17c recentchanges/change 1c5b830b15c4f2f0cc97ecc0adfd60a1f1578918 recentchanges/change 20b20b91b90b28cdf2563eb959a733c6dfebea7a recentchanges/change 3377cedd66380ed416f59076d69f546bf12ae1e4 recentchanges/change 4c53d778870ea368931e7df2a40ea67d00130202 recentchanges/change 7a9f3c441a9ec7e189c9df322851afa21fd8b00c recentchanges/change 7dcaea1be47308ee27a18f893ff232a8370e348a recentchanges/change 963245d4e127159e12da436dea30941ec371c6be recentchanges/change cd489ff4abde8dd611f7e42596b93953b38b9e1c ...

All of those "recentchanges/ change xxxxxxx" links are clickable, but all yield 404 when clicked.

When I disable the CamelCase plugin and rebuild the wiki, all the Links other than index disappear, as they should. Re-enable CamelCase, and they're back.

This is a very simple wiki. Just fresh, only one page other than index (this one), and nothing at all fancy/weird about it.