This is a link to a non-existent page in the root directory: ?root page test ([[/root_page_test]])

When you click on the question mark to create the page, you get Error: bad page name. It's a valid ?wikilink, shouldn't it create the page? --sabr

Is it a valid wikilink? Should Iki prevent the page from being created? --sabr, 2 months later

This type of page name (with leading slash) also gets created by the aggregate plugin: /cgi-bin/ikiwiki.cgi?page=%2FCalculated_Risk&from=news%2FAll_Stories&do=create I'm now pretty convinced that Iki should handle this without error. I'll investigate if I can find the time.

As documented on linkingrules, such an absolute link works perfectly when the linked page already exists.

The CGI behaviour is thus not consistent with the general linking rules, which is annoying for me : I'm using templates to generate links to pages that may not exist yet, and I would like the "right" path to be selected by default, instead of the usual /subdir/subpage, when a user clicks the "?" link to create the missing page ; that's why I'm using absolute paths.

Totally agree, this had only not been addressed due to lack of time on my part. (I have about 50 ikiwiki things on my todo list.) --Joey

Anyway, having the CGI consider invalid an otherwise valid wikilink seems a bit weird to me, so I had a look to the code, and here is a patch that should fix this issue ; I proceeded the only way I could find to prevent side-effects : the only place where I use $origpage is a match, so no function at all is fed with a $page with leading slash :

-- intrigeri

diff --git a/IkiWiki/ b/IkiWiki/
index 99cead6..23d9616 100644
--- a/IkiWiki/
+++ b/IkiWiki/
@@ -305,9 +305,11 @@ sub cgi_editpage ($$) {
    my $page=$form->field('page');
    if (! defined $page || ! length $page ||
-       file_pruned($page, $config{srcdir}) || $page=~/^\//) {
+       file_pruned($page, $config{srcdir})) {
        error("bad page name");
+   my $origpage=$page;
+   $page =~ s#^/##;

    my $baseurl=$config{url}."/".htmlpage($page);

@@ -425,6 +427,7 @@ sub cgi_editpage ($$) {
                $from ne $form->field('from') ||
                file_pruned($from, $config{srcdir}) ||
                $from=~/^\// ||
+               $origpage=~/^\// ||
                $form->submitted eq "Preview") {

Applied. BTW, I also accept full git changesets, if you like having your name in commit logs. :-)

Thanks. I'm considering setting up a public Git repository with topic branches, so that :

  • I can simply ask you to pull from there, next time
  • I have a tool to go on learning the beast (i.e. Git)

-- intrigeri