In setting up my wiki I followed the setup instruction which point to an ikiwiki.setup file that contains "verbose => 0".

I hadn't noticed that setting in there, but later when I changed my standard command of:

ikiwiki --setup ikiwiki.setup


ikiwiki --verbose --setup ikiwiki.setup

I was quite surprised that that change didn't have any effect.

So two suggestions to fix this:

  1. Make command-line arguments override settings in the setup file

This is difficult to do, since reading a setup file replaces values for config items with the values in the setup file. Also, when you say --setup foo, you're asking ikiwiki to set up the wiki using the comnfiguration in file foo. Which is what it does.

  1. Comment out all settings in the example setup file that are simply setting options to their default values. That way, the file will still be self-documenting, but command-line arguments will at least work for these settings while they remain commented out.

I've done that, I also fixed some issues with --verbose handling earlier. I'm pretty sure that those fixes fix the real issue, so calling this done. --Joey