Although I have comments enabled and I have been using them successfully for ages now, I've come to notice that they have stopped working in the last week or two.

I am running version 3.20100312 with the following configuration:

In my (HTML5 modified page.tmpl) it doesn't seem to enter the "TMPL_IF COMMENTS" block anymore. I tried the stock page.tmpl and they didn't seem to work either, so the variable name hasn't changed has it?

Any other ideas? With thanks,

comments_pagespec => 'archives/* and !*/Discussion',

Your setup file only allows comments to pages under archives. That seems unlikely to be right, so I guess it is causing your problem. --Joey

That's the only place where I want comments. Has the pagespec changed? Is it archives/*/* or something like that?

It worked just fine with this configuration. I swear I have not modified it. :) -- Kai Hendry

No changes that I can think of. 'archives/' will match all* pages under archives. Anyway, I can see in your site's rss feed that comments are enabled for posts, since they have comments tags there. And in fact I see comments on eg

So I suspect you have simply not rebuilt your wiki after making some change that fixed the comments, and so only newer pages are getting them. --Joey

I have tried rebuilding on my squeeze system and still comments don't appear. Any clues how to debug this?

I was worried is was due to a time skew problem I was experiencing on my VPS in the last month, though the time is right now and still comments do not appear on blog posts like

Debugging templates

sudo apt-get install libhtml-template-compiled-perl

hendry@webconverger templates$ cat test-template.perl
use HTML::Template::Compiled;
local $HTML::Template::Compiled::DEBUG = 1;
my $htc = HTML::Template::Compiled->new(
         filename => "$ARGV[0]",
eval {  
        print $htc->output;
if ($@) {
        # reports as text
        my $msg = $htc->debug_code;
        # reports as a html table
        my $msg_html = $htc->debug_code('html');
hendry@webconverger templates$ ./test-template.perl page.tmpl
Missing closing tag for 'IF' atend of page.tmpl line 159

I think the problem was before that it was <TMPL_IF COMMENTS> and now it is <TMPL_IF NAME="COMMENTS"> ?


A merge with the templates in master with my html5 branch looks like it has solved the problem. Also see html5 support.