Don't panic, Joey! ;) It's not a bug. It's only my small wish :)

Could you also please convert "" OpenID to "user []" at RecentChanges page? You just do it for "" OpenIDs. I think that same display form for all OpenIDs is a good idea. What's your opinion?

It's probably ok to do this, although there's the potential it might misfire on some url. I've implemented it on a trial basis. done --Joey

Thanks! What version of ikiwiki do you use at site? I still can see my "" OpenID at RecentChanges page there... --Paweł

I use the latest version I trust enough..

Joey, your regexp is not good enough. Now I can see "tecza []", instead of "ptecza []" (you cut first character of my login). --Paweł

fixed now

Yes, now it's OK. Thank you very much! --Paweł

BTW, Happy New Year for you and Debian 'etch' and all ikiwiki users! :) --Paweł

I've just noticed that '/' character in title of my wish wasn't escaped and ikiwiki created two pages, instead of one. It's a bug, of course. --Paweł

Sorry for confusing! I meant two files (directory and page), instead of one (page).

Yep, fixed. --Joey

Awesome! :) Thanks a lot!

BTW, I have some problems with singing in using server, so I also use server :) --Paweł

They were having some glitches last week.. --Joey

It's good to know :) --Paweł