I have a problem where pages within the rendered wiki become empty. The headers, footers, and sidepanel are there, but the body is completely missing. If I do a webedit and change anything (adding whitespace is enough) and commiting the change updates the page and the body appears. If I then do a rebuild of the wiki from the command line, I get the blank pages again. I have debug turned up but I don't see anything that makes me suspect anything. When I do a rebuild from the command line I get the following warning.

Use of uninitialized value in substitution (s///) at /usr/share/perl5/IkiWiki/Plugin/inline.pm line 234.

The odd thing is that I have 5 other wikis on this same system and none of them seem to be experiencing the same problems. The only difference seems to be the use of sidebars and google calendar in the affected wiki.

Could you post a tarball of the wiki and any setup file you use somewhere so I can try to reproduce your problem? --Joey

The Wiki I think it has something to do with the plugin selection. --?ScottHenson

Ok, I built your wiki, and got no contentless pages here. I also didn't see the uninitialized value warning, which could be connected. However, I that uninitialized value come from an inline directive, and the wiki source doesn't seem to use inlining at all, so I'm confused about that. --Joey

Sorry, thats my fault. The wiki that was having the problem had some information that I couldn't distribute. So I reproduced the bug on another wiki and sent you that. Those warnings don't seem to have any effect on the disappearing content. Sorry for the confusion. --?ScottHenson

That's ok, but since I couldn't reproduce it with the data you sent, I can't really fix it. --Joey

Can you not reproduce the warning or not reproduce the disappearing pages? The warning does not seem to have anything to do with the error of the disappearing pages. --?ScottHenson

I can't reproduce any disappearing text. --Joey

Marking this unreproducible. --Joey