Joey, I have a problem with translating of Discussion link in my backport of ikiwiki 1.38.

I've just noticed that it's not translated after page update. In syslog I can see English ikiwiki messages. It's a strange, but the problem doesn't occur if I rebuild all my ikiwiki pages via command line (ikiwki --setup ikiwiki.setup). In syslog I can see Polish messages then.

Unfortunately I don't know another Polish user of ikiwiki, so I can't ask him to confirm the problem. Maybe Victor Moral can do it? Probably he uses ikiwiki with him Spanish translation.


Well, do you have your setup file configured to use a polish locale? --Joey

Now I have :) I've just generated pl_PL.UTF-8 locale via dpkg-reconfigure locales and set locale hash to 'pl_PL.UTF-8' in my ikiwiki.setup file. I also ran ikiwiki --setup ikiwiki.setup and restarted my Apache2 server. Unfortunately, I can still see "Discussion" link instead of "Dyskusja" link after any page update via WWW. --Paweł

A setlocale issue. Now done --Joey

I can confirm. Now it works :) Thanks a lot for the fix! --Paweł