In my sent post (without Polish characters in title, of course ;) ) I still can see "Discussion" link, instead of Polish "Dyskusja" link. --Paweł

I don't know what post you're referring to, more details please. --Joey

Sorry for the laconic bug report. I meant my blog and the post I sent to it. It works exactly like your blog at bugs page and I also created it for my ikiwiki users to bug reporting :)

So, I sent the post to my blog and I can see that "Discussion" link from inlinepage.tmpl file is not translated to Polish. Now I hope you know what I mean :) --Paweł

Joey, what about my bug report? ;) --Paweł

Found and fixed --Joey.

Hm. I can't see any changes. I've builded ikiwiki 1.41 Debian package from the latest SVN repo sources and installed it on my machine. I've also rebuilded all my ikiwiki pages (ikiwiki --setup ikiwiki.setup).

I added a few debug lines to changed block of code from /usr/share/perl5/ file:

   open(LOG, ">>/var/log/ikiwiki.log");
   print LOG "(1) \$config{locale}=$config{locale}\n";
   print LOG "(1) \$ENV{LANG}=$ENV{LANG}\n";
   if (defined $config{locale}) {
           eval q{use POSIX};
           error($@) if $@;
           print LOG "(2) \$config{locale}=$config{locale}\n";
           print LOG "(2) \$ENV{LANG}=$ENV{LANG}\n";
           if (POSIX::setlocale(&POSIX::LC_ALL, $config{locale})) {
                   print LOG "(3) \$config{locale}=$config{locale}\n";
                   print LOG "(3) \$ENV{LANG}=$ENV{LANG}\n";

Here is a piece of result after rebuild:

   (1) $config{locale}=pl_PL.UTF-8
   (1) $ENV{LANG}=pl_PL.UTF-8
   (2) $config{locale}=pl_PL.UTF-8
   (2) $ENV{LANG}=pl_PL.UTF-8
   (3) $config{locale}=pl_PL.UTF-8
   (3) $ENV{LANG}=pl_PL.UTF-8

Is it a useful information for you? :) --Paweł

Not really.. I was able to reproduce the problem you desciribed and my changes fixed the problem I reproduced. --Joey

Found and fixed one more, when per-post discussion links are used in a blog. --Joey

Yes, now it's fixed :) Thank you very much, Joey!

BTW, what about translating buttons to editing page ("Save Page", "Preview" and "Cancel")? There are still hard-coded :( --Paweł

Those come via the formbuilder form, and currently my best plan for them is to add templates for them, as described in translation --Joey