found one strange thing here:

If i enter a link like this

 [#Wikipedia:Mollison]: <http://www.tagari.com/bills_journal>

the underscore appears like this (i inserted a space in the undercore-string to make it 'visible'):

<a href="http://www.tagari.com/billsb14a7b8059d9c05 5954c92674ce60032journal">http://www.tagari.com/billsb14a7b8059d9c05 5954c92674ce60032journal</a>

Am i doing something wrong?

Thanks for your support and best wishes, Tobias.

I believe you're hitting some kind of Markdown-processing but (so not strictly Ikiwiki related). Could you provide a minimal page source exhibiting the problem, and mention the exact nature of the processor you use? (Markdown, MultiMarkdown, pandoc, ...) --GB

Insertation of weird hashes into some output is a known bug in the old perl markdown. This is one of the main reasons why use of Text::Markdown instead is recommended. --Joey done