I don't know if I have a missed configuration. But under 1.35 using the CGI to create login, to login, and to edit and save the markdown works fine. But the resulting HTML is not generated (updated or created). Using ikiwiki from command line will then update the HTML for me.

An example of the problem: edit worked to update source *.mdw file but www version was not updated, so when have new page it has a "?Page". (So CGI is working that much.) I edit ("create") by clicking the ? question mark and save but then receive an HTTP 404 error because the testingpage.html?updated file is not found.

How to get that file generated automatically on save (via edit)?

If this is documented, sorry I missed it.

If a revision control system is configured, ikiwiki relies on a hook being triggered by its commit to the RCS, which then runs ikiwiki again to do the build, same as happens when a commit is made to the RCS directly. If the appropriate hook is not uncommented and configured in the setup file, you could see the behavior you describe.

If no revision control system is used, ikiwiki handles the build after writing the file.


Thanks for the info. I added --no-rcs to my command-line and it was fixed. I assumed that using --setup with my configuration file that had no RCS configured would override the default (subversion). I never configured anything with subversion, so I don't even know if the content was being committed and if so I don't know where. Maybe when using --setup the defaults should not be used. Or maybe the manpage can mention that if no rcs is configured in --setup configuration then it will default to svn. I wonder what else is going to defaults not in my configuration file. I don't see any way in my configuration file for disabling this. (I should figure out what happened with the subversion commits too...)


Defaulting that to svn in a bug. Fixed. In general, there are defaults for various things configurable by the config file, but they should not cause suprising behavior like this. For example, it defaults to supporting discussion pages. (You can see all the defaults near the top of IkiWiki.pm).

The svn backend would have noticed that your wiki is not in svn, and avoided doing anything, BTW.

I've changed the default setting that was making it use svn, so this bug is done --Joey