It seems that the inline directive doesn't generate wikilinks to the pages it includes. For example I would expect the following to inline all bugs inside this bug report:

[[!inline pages="bugs/ and !/discussion and backlink(bugs)" feeds=no postform=no archive=yes show="10"]]

and note that it only included the 'normal' wikilinks (and also note that this page is not marked done even though the done page is inlined). One might also wonder if inline would make this page link to any internal links on those inlined pages too, but I think that would be overkill.

I'm not even really sure if this is a bug or defined behaviour, but I thought it might work and it didn't. Regardless, the correct behaviour, whichever is decided, should be documented. -- Will

It appears that map also doesn't wikilink to the pages it links. Perhaps in each of these cases there should be another parameter to the directive that allows linking to switched on. Just switching it on universally at this point might break a number of people's pagespecs. -- Will

There's a simple reason why these directives don't generate a record of a wikilink between them and the pages they include: Semantically, inlining a page is not the same as writing a link to it. Nor is generating a map that lists a page the same as linking to it. I don't think this is a bug. --Joey

Fair enough. I guess we can mark this as done then.

Just a bit of background on where I was going here... I was looking for a simpler way of attacking tracking bugs with dependencies. In particular, rather than introducing changes to the pagespec definition, I wondered if you could use wiki pages as the defined pagespec and introduce a 'match_mutual' function which matches whenever two pages link to the same third page, then you don't need to alter the pagespec handling code.

But that requires being able use use a pagespec to decide what pages are linked to. e.g. I want to make an 'openbugs' page that links to all open bugs. Then I could make a 'readybugs' page that links to backlink(openbugs) and !mutualLink(openbugs). That is, all bugs that are open and do not themselves link to an open bug.

The problem with all this is that it introduces an ordering dependency, as I noted below. I think the original proposal is better, because it handles that ordering dependency in the definition of the pagespecs. --Will

Here is a patch to make map link to its linked pages (when passed link="yes"). It is a bit problematic in that it uses a pagespec to decide what to link to (which is why I wanted it). However, at the time the pagespec is used the links for each page haven't finished being calculated (we're using the pagespec to figure out those links, remember). This means that some pagespec match functions may not work correctly. Sigh.
It would be nice to find a topological ordering of the pages and scan them in that order so that everything we need is found before we need it, but this patch doesn't do that (it would be complex).

If you just use simple pagespecs you'll be fine. Unfortunately I really wanted this for more complex pagespecs. -- Will

diff --git a/IkiWiki/Plugin/ b/IkiWiki/Plugin/
index 3284931..57c0a7a 100644
--- a/IkiWiki/Plugin/
+++ b/IkiWiki/Plugin/
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ use IkiWiki 3.00;

 sub import {
    hook(type => "getsetup", id => "map", call => \&getsetup);
-   hook(type => "preprocess", id => "map", call => \&preprocess);
+   hook(type => "preprocess", id => "map", call => \&preprocess, scan => 1);

 sub getsetup () {
@@ -27,7 +27,9 @@ sub getsetup () {
 sub preprocess (@) {
    my %params=@_;
    $params{pages}="*" unless defined $params{pages};
+   return if (!defined wantarray && !IkiWiki::yesno($params{link}));
    my $common_prefix;

    # Get all the items to map.
@@ -42,6 +44,9 @@ sub preprocess (@) {
            else {
+           if (!defined wantarray && IkiWiki::yesno($params{link})) {
+               push @{$links{$params{page}}}, $page;
+           }
            # Check for a common prefix.
            if (! defined $common_prefix) {
@@ -62,6 +67,8 @@ sub preprocess (@) {

+   return if ! defined wantarray;
    # Common prefix should not be a page in the map.
    while (defined $common_prefix && length $common_prefix &&
           exists $mapitems{$common_prefix}) {