I'm trying to put a list of tags in a table, so I carefully make a newline-free taglist.tmpl and then do:

| [[!inline  pages="link(/category/env)" feeds=no archive=yes sort=title template=taglist]] |

but there's a line in inline.pm that does:

return "<div class=\"inline\" id=\"$#inline\"></div>\n\n";

And the extra newlines break the table. Can they be safely removed?

If you want an HTML table, I would suggest using an HTML table, which should pass through Markdown without being interpreted further. To avoid getting the <div> inside the <table> you can use:

[[!inline  pages="link(/category/env)" feeds=no archive=yes sort=title template=tagtable]]

where tagtable.tmpl looks like


<td>your tag here</td>


I don't think you're deriving much benefit from Markdown's table syntax if you have to mix it with HTML::Template and ikiwiki directives, and be pathologically careful with whitespace. "Right tool for the job" and all that :-)

When I edited this page I was amused to find that you used HTML, not Markdown, as its format. It seems oddly appropriate to my answer, but I've converted it to Markdown and adjusted the formatting, for easier commenting. --smcv