I'm often confused about permissions and I wish ikiwiki could stamp it's foot down and ensure all the permissions are correctly (canonically?) setup.

I keep ending up having to sudo chown -R :www-data and sudo chmod -R g+w on srcdir, destdir. I'm never quite sure what is the best practice for the srcdirs' /srv/git/ is. Currently everything looks like hendry:www-data with ug+rw.

I think I've triggered these problems by (not thinking and) running ikiwiki --rebuild --setup /home/hendry/.ikiwiki/mywiki.setup as my user.

I don't know if there can be some lookup with /etc/ikiwiki/wikilist. Though shouldn't everything be under the www-data group in reality?

Also when I use sudo ikiwiki -setup /etc/ikiwiki/auto.setup, I think I create a ton of problems for myself since everything is created as the root user, right? And /etc/ikiwiki/wikilist doesn't seem to have the latest created wiki added. I have to reluctantly manually do this.

You should never make files be owned by www-data user or group. Ikiwiki is designed to run as a single user, which can just be your login user; all files should be owned by that user, the ikiwiki.cgi and other wrappers suid to that user. And then there are never any permissions problems. --Joey