I noticed this a few times in Google Chrome 12 (dev channel) a few times, already:

I added a comment to


and left the page. Later, I revisited


and clicked on


My own comment did not appear. I pressed F5 and eh presto.

My assumption is that ikiwiki does not tell Chrome to reload the page as the cache is stale.


There is some lurking bug with certian web browsers, web servers, or combination of the two that makes modifications to html files not always be noticed by web browsers. See firefox doesn't want to load updated pages at ikiwiki.info see also http://bugs.debian.org/588623.

On Branchable, we work around this problem with an apache configuration: ┬źExpiresByType text/html "access plus 0 seconds"┬╗

There seems to be no way to work around it in ikiwiki's generated html, aside from using the cache-control setting that is not allowed in html5.

And, which browsers/web servers have the problem, and where the bug is, seems very hard to pin down. --Joey