Logged in and edited in textbox. Clicked preview and then clicked Save Page and it errored with:

Error: Your login session has expired.

I also did same without preview and got same error.

I added debugging to print the sid and session->id on the error. The sid was empty. The session->id was a long value (maybe base64).

View source of editing page or preview+edit page shows no "sid" input value. (I do see it when editing here in your ikiwiki site, but not on mine.)

Further info. In the "prefs" dialog, it does have hidden "sid" defined. Viewing HTML source also shows this is in the fb_hidden class and Generated by CGI::FormBuilder v3.0501. I tried multiple times and never see "sid" in the HTML source of editing a page. --JeremyReed

Found problem: Needed to update my editpage.tmpl to add TMPL_VAR FIELD-SID. This bug can be closed once that is documented -- and that documentation is obvious to find.

Whenever you choose to locally copy an ikiwiki template and modify it, it's really up to you to keep it up-to-date. I did consider adding a new item about this rather than just mentioning it in the changelog, since I knew it would break locally modified templates -- but I've never documented template changes in the news file before, and most of them do lead to breakage of one kind or another if a locally modified template is not kept up-to-date. I don't think that bloating the news file with mentions of every single change to every template file would be a win. --Joey

I should have mentioned: yes, I already read the recent CHANGELOG entries. If it (like changes for 2.42) had indicated this was a template change, I would have known and wouldn't have filed the bug. Also maybe the manpage for ikiwiki can mention about local template modifications (I can fix that if not done.)

Perhaps what I should do is put in a template version check. --Joey

<p><b>This template is not up-to-date with the installed version of
ikiwiki, and may not behave correctly until updated.</b></p>

Well, that don't look like as good an idea today.. I've documented the recent template change. --Joey