While working on our forum I was surprised to see that some of the comments were not appearing in the RSS feed created by !inline pages="forum/* or comment(forum/*)" feedonly="yes" show="25".

I'm seeing some comments in the rss feed. The feed is limited to the 25 most recent items, you can increase that with feedshow. --Joey

Of course, but in the feed, some of the new comments don't show up. Most does but not all. For example, none of the comments of this thread appears in the RSS, even though they should according to the « 25 most recent items » criteria: https://tails.boum.org/forum/Security_Updates:_apt-get_Sufficient__63__/ --sajolida

Of course this is a moving target, so I checked out 4a787aecb142f346190ddaef59938799818c964b, which is from the same day the above was written.. The comments in question appeared in the rss feed when I ran ikiwiki -setup ikiwiki.setup -gettime (after configuring the setup file to use git and rss and setting gitorigin_branch: '')

So I suppose I'd need a testcase in a tarball to reproduce any problem. --Joey

Once I set rcs: git and gitorigin_branch: '', I also get a perfect RSS feed that contains the items git log makes me expect, in the correct order. So this is not a ikiwiki bug after all, sorry for the annoyance. (For the record, I think we have two problems: first, our ikiwiki.setup does not enable a RCS, mainly to avoid local refresh to create ugly "updated PO files" Git commits; this explains the issue sajolida noticed while locally building the wiki. Second, the RSS feed on our online ikiwiki is correct right now, was probably cured by a rebuild at some point. --intrigeri

Then I found out that a map directive such as !map pages="forum/* or comment(forum/*)" was bringing a weird result too. The output is a map with quite a few broken links.

This is the same as if you tried to link to a comment page or other internal page with a WikiLink -- you'd get a broken link or a create link because these are not true wiki pages. --Joey

So I don't understand why 90 % of the comments are linked well and 10 % are broken links. Why does this map behave differently for only a few comments? --sajolida

I checked the first 50% or so of the comments, and every one was a broken link. --Joey

I now observe the same behaviour as Joey, which seems totally logical to me after all given that forum/*/comment_*.html are not generated. I wonder how we could have observed map generating working links to comments in the first place; sajolida, can you please try reproducing it? If you cannot reproduce it, I think we can close this bug. --intrigeri

Closing as apparently operator error (and while it's a bit confiusing that map generates broken links for internal pages, it is sorta was was requested by the pagespec, so I don't see a real reason to change it). Please reopen if new data emerges. done --Joey

Plus, some broken links in the map do match the comments missing on the RSS feed but some others do not.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find an obvious pattern for this failure.

We think it's a bug in ikiwiki. Our git repo is publicly available at git://git.immerda.ch/amnesia.git (the ikiwiki source is in /wiki/src) and the corresponding online version is available at https://tails.boum.org/forum/. The buggy !inline is already included in the original forum.mdwn. The buggy !map is not but the bug can be reproduced by just including it in the source of the forum.