We got a report that http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/ "embeds apparently non-free JS". This is because the embedded ikiwiki.js javascript file does not wear a copyright notice, to tell which licence this file is shipped under. Could you add such a copyright notice?


Everything in ikiwiki is freesoftware. The JavaScript in underlays/javascript appears to be GPL-2+, but might have been intended to be under the permissive basewiki license.

Joey appears to be the only author, so is presumably the only copyright holder; nobody else can give an authoritative answer about the JS's license. Joey, if you want underlays/javascript to be permissively-licensed, please amend debian/copyright accordingly. --smcv

It was intended to be permissive. I've amended the copyright file. done

I wouldn't mind including information readable by librejs in those files, if someone wants to send a patch. --Joey