If I have a <--#include virtual="foo" --> in some file, it gets stripped, even though other HTML comments don't get stripped. I imagine it's some plugin doing it, or IkiWiki itself, or an IkiWiki dependency, but I haven't found where this is happening. I'm trying to implement a workaround for my sidebars forcing a rebuild of the wiki every day - I use the calendar plugin - when the day changes, by using SSI.

It is probably the htmlscrubber plugin. -- Jon

htmlscrubber does strip these, because they look like a html tag to it, not a html comment. (html comments start with <!-- .. of course, they get stripped too, because they can be used to hide javascript..)

Anyway, it makes sense for the htmlscrubber to strip server-side includes because otherwise your wiki could be attacked by them being added to it. If you want to use both the htmlscrubber and SSI together, I'd suggest you modify the templates and put the SSI on there.

Ie, page.tmpl has a div that the sidebar is put into; if you just replace that with the SSI that includes your static sidebar, you should be good to go. --Joey