Saving a wiki page in ikwiki or ikiwiki --setup wiki.setup --rebuild takes a dozen minutes on a tiny tiny wiki (10 user-added pages)!

I profiled ikiwiki with Devel::SmallProf : see mathdesc for details.

And I came to the conclusion that filecheck on attachment was the only cause. It always go the fallback code using time-consuming file even there it's look like it's not successful.

 # Get the mime type.
        # First, try File::Mimeinfo. This is fast, but doesn't recognise
        # all files.
        eval q{use File::MimeInfo::Magic};                    
        my $mimeinfo_ok=! $@;                                     
        my $mimetype;
        if ($mimeinfo_ok) {
                my $mimetype=File::MimeInfo::Magic::magic($file);
        # Fall back to using file, which has a more complete
        # magic database.
        if (! defined $mimetype) {
                open(my $file_h, "-|", "file", "-bi", $file); 
                chomp $mimetype;                            
                close $file_h;                   
        if (! defined $mimetype || $mimetype !~s /;.*//) {
                # Fall back to default value.
                        if $mimeinfo_ok; 
                if (! defined $mimetype) {

I found on discussion what DavidBremner described as :

no way to detect text/plain using File::MimeInfo::Magic::magic() But I can't figure out if my issue is boarder and includes this or not..

Any ideas , solve :) more that welcome.

done, as isbear noted in discussion, there was a bug that prevented File::MimeInfo::Magic from ever being used. --Joey