We have a weird spam problem on our site - must be something via CGI.

see http://www.dk0tu.de/recentchanges/discussion/

The content is changing frequently without being checked into the git repository. Any ideas?


Please check your web server logs for any error messages from the CGI. It seems likely that the spammer is editing that page but the changes are somehow not getting committed or pushed.

I can't tell you much without knowing details of your setup. For instance, are you using the suggested git repository setup shown in the diagram on the git page, or something different? Can you publish a (possibly censored) setup file somewhere?

It would probably also be worthwhile to compare the git history of srcdir/.git with the git history of the bare repository, if you have one.

To recover, you could undo the spam in the srcdir (as the user ID that owns the wiki), commit that, and merge with the bare repository if necessary.

When I tried editing the spammed page to clear it, I got this error:

Error: /srv/www/Kurse/AFu-Lizenz/e09.tex independently created, not overwriting with version from Kurse/AFu-Lizenz/e09.tex

Your srcdir and destdir seem to have got out of sync. You might need to rebuild the wiki.

(I think I'd have received the same error for any edit right now.)

If you're going to enable completely anonymous editing, I recommend monitoring the wiki more carefully. It might be useful to enable the syslog option so that wiki errors go to the system log.


Whoever runs this wiki seems to have fixed it and enabled authentication now, so I'm going to consider this done. --smcv