When a page containing tags and using the syntax (3rd party) plugin (though pages using other preprocessors may also be affected) is rendered as an inline page, some extra <p> elements are added.

Example output:

<p><span class="tags">

<p><span class="selflink">XML</span></p>


Expected output:

<p><span class="tags">

<span class="selflink">XML</span>

A fix is to change inlinepage.tmpl to remove new lines around tag links, as follows:

--- templates/inlinepage.tmpl   (revision 4626)
+++ templates/inlinepage.tmpl   (working copy)
@@ -24,9 +24,7 @@
 <span class="tags">

I'm sure this is only working around a symptom, the problem must be that markdown gets confused by the html generated by the syntax plugin. Have you tried markdown 1.0.2? This version has a more robust html parser.

I don't have the prerequisites for the syntax plugin installed here to debug it myself. --Joey

I don't think that this is specific to the syntax (3rd party) plugin. It's happening on my pages that just use ordinary templates. I've documented my versions below. --?daveloyall

ikiwiki: 3.20140125
libtext-markdown-discount-perl: 0.11-1
libtext-multimarkdown-perl: 1.000034-1
libhtml-template-perl: 2.95-1

Can you show us the source code and output for a page that has this bug?

If you enable htmlbalance, does the problem go away? (If it does, then I think I might know what the bug is.) --smcv