When you click on a broken link to create a new page, Ikiwiki lower-cases the new page's filename. I wish it wouldn't.

If I click on "Czars in Russia", I'd like Ikiwiki to create "Czars_in_Russia.mdwn", not "czars_in_russia.mdwn". Is this possible? --sabr

There's a simple patch that can do this:

-- a/IkiWiki.pm
+++ b/IkiWiki.pm
@@ -584,7 +584,7 @@ sub htmllink ($$$;@) {
            return "<span class=\"createlink\"><a href=\"".
                    do => "create",
-                   page => pagetitle(lc($link), 1),
+                   page => pagetitle($link, 1),
                    from => $lpage

This is fine if you don't mind mixed or randomly cased filenames getting created. Otoh, if the link happened to start a sentence and so had its first letter upper-cased, that might not be desired.

Of course ikiwiki's case insensative, and there are other ways of creating pages that don't lower case them, including using the create a page form on a blog (as was done for this page..).

I'm undecided about making the above change by default though, or about making it a config option. Maybe it would be better to include both capitalisations in the select list that is used to pick the name for the newly created page. Then, which one is the default wouldn't much matter. (The non-lower cased one would probably be the best choice.) --Joey

Either of your proposed solutions (make it the default or include both in the pop-up menu) sounds fine to me. Which one is easier? :) --sabr

Done; it now defaults to the mixed case title and provides the lower-case one as an option in the select box. --Joey