The following renders incorrectly:

[[!toc  ]]

# header1


# header2

[[!map  pages="sandbox"]]

Removing the [[!toc ]] directive or moving it at the end of the page makes the whole wiki page be rendered as expected.

Hint : in all cases, the non-interpreted markdown code is copied as-is in the HTML output, without any leading <p> or any HTML formatting.

You're using the old version of markdown, that is known to have a broken block html parser, that will get confused if markdown is present between two separate html blocks, and not format the markdown.

This is fixed in Text::MarkDown 1.0.19. markdown 1.0.2 also fixes the problem. Install either one. I'm going to make ikiwiki's dependencies list Text::Markdown before markdown, since people keep stumbling over this. (The downside is that the old broken markdown is faster). --Joey