I have a git-backed ikiwiki install, and when I commit and push a file from an x86 host (LANG=en_US.UTF-8) to the Ikiwiki box, which is Debian GNU/Linux on Sparc, I sometimes get unusual characters (ef bb ff) before the first character of the wiki text. It seems that this is a UTF-8 "byte order mark" that is getting inserted automatically into the .wiki file by my editor: http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/VimTip246#Tip:.23246-_Working_with_Unicode



Is there any way for ikiwiki to spot when .wiki files have this BOM and deal with it, or should I make sure to strip it out before committing?

It would be easy to make ikiwiki strip out the BOM. For example, a simple plugin could be written to s/// them out as a filter.

I'm unsure if ikiwiki should do this by default. --Joey

Looked at this some more. It seems this would be a browser bug, after all, it's not displaying the BOM properly. To test, I've added a BOM to this file.

Well, this page looks ok in epiphany and w3m, even with the BOM. Epiphany incorrectly displays it as a space (not zero-width). In w3m in a unicode xterm, it's invisible. What's going on is that is only a BOM at the very beginning of the file. Otherwise, it should be treated as a zero-width, non-breaking space. Ie, invisible. Any browsers that display it otherwise seem to be broken.

I'm having a hard time with the idea that any program that reads utf-8 data from a file and sticks it in the middle on another, output, utf-8 file, is broken if it doesn't strip the BOM. It could be argued that programs should do that; it could be argued that perl should strip the BOM from the beginning of a file whenever reading a file in utf8 mode, to avoid all perl programs needing to do this on their own. Or it could be argued that requiring all programs do this is silly, and that the BOM was designed so you didn't need to strip it.

After consideration, I prefer this last argument, so I prefer not to make ikiwiki stip utf8 BOMS. Calling this bug done.