I can add attachment to some pages within an ikiwiki site. ( for example the index page ), but I'm unable to add attachments to other child pages.

When I try I get the error message "Error: bad attachment filename". I can successfully attach the same file to the index page.

I'm running

ikiwiki version 3.20100815.7 on Debian Squeeze.

Please advise.

I get the following error in apache error.log Died at /usr/share/perl5/IkiWiki/CGI.pm line 466. -- aland

Well, what subpages are you trying to add it to? What is your allowed_attachments PageSpec set to in your setup file? --Joey

I can reproduce this by creating a new ikiwiki using the auto.setup

I create a subpage of index called "projects" and a subpage of projects called "Firewall Replacement 2010-2011" and when I add attachment to the subpages I get the error.

I dont have an allowed_attachments section in my setup file But I've set an allowed_attachments like allowed_attachments => 'maxsize(40000kb) and mimetype(*)', and I still get the error. Thanks --aland

Being the subpage of index is the problem. It's not usual to have any other page as a subpage of index; as there's really no reason to do that, so some code broke in that special case. fixed --Joey