goes really weird when I enable the toc plugin. It renders the page sections fine without it, but as soon as I turn it on, the following output is generated:

[[!meta   title="My Name"]]

  1. Fedora
  2. Ubuntu
  3. People grouped by version control system
  4. GNU Arch (tla/baz)
  5. Bazaar-NG
  6. Git users
  7. Mercurial
  8. Subversion
  9. Everyone, sorted by first name

People grouped by distro ======================== Debian ––

    * jelmer
    * madduck


I have no idea what's eating the first two headers. But as you can see from the current page, it's not just headers by any markdown...


This is a markdown bug. It occurs with 1.0.1, but not with the 1.0.2 beta. Apparently markdown is getting confused by the div inserted for the toc, not realizing that it has ended, and so not marking up the text as markdown. 1.0.2 fixes many such div-related markdown bugs. I have to call this done since it's not an ikiwiki bug, recommend upgrading markdown if the slower speed of 1.0.2 doesn't hurt too badly. --Joey

Note how it works on but adding a rule like in that doc to the people page didn't fix it.

Yes, it's probably confused by the two divs so close to each other, and doesn't realize that the text in between is not part of either and is markdown. Problem is that the old markdown doesn't have a real html parser, it just fakes it --Joey