Please have a look at There is (on a sufficiently small display) a large free spacing between the vmstat line and the first Posted line. Even without any local.css. This is because of clear: both in ikiwiki's style.css, line 109, for .pagedate, .pagelicense, .pagecopyright.

I can override this in local.css, but what was the original reason for adding this clear: both?

Without investigating in detail, I think it was probably because any of the items can be enabled or disabled. So any of them might be the first item after the horizontal rule, and any might be the last item before the modification date. So all of them have to clear both above and below. I'm sure there are better ways for the CSS to handle that. --Joey

There is indeed a better way - all the optional things below the content are wrapped in <div id="footer">, so to have the browser wait until all floating boxes have finished before rendering the footer, it would be sufficient to have #footer { clear: both; } and remove all the other footer-related clear attributes. I'm not sure what you mean by "clear above and below" - the clear attribute takes values none, left, right or both, and its purpose is to stop floating boxes (sidebars, mainly) from overlapping with footers.

... oh, I see what you mean - this affects inlines too. In inlinepage.tmpl we could wrap the "pseudo-footer" in <div class="inlinefooter"> too? Then sites could choose whether to set clear:both on the inlinefooter or not, and this would be separate from the same styling on whole pages.

done --smcv