I've set wiki_file_chars to a non-standard value in the setup file:

wiki_file_chars => "-[:alnum:]+/.:_\x{1f310}\x{1f430}",

(In case you're wondering, this is the page.)

ikiwiki recognises my pages when I run it from the command line, but when I edit something through the CGI "script", ikiwiki would suddenly not recognise them.

By running strings on the CGI wrapper I found that the option wiki_file_regexp was still at its original setting. So as a workaround, I added this to the setup file and everything worked:

wiki_file_regexp => qr/(^[-[:alnum:]+\/.:_\x{1f310}\x{1f430}]+$)/,

Maybe the CGI wrapper should specially call checkconfig, which is the function responsible for updating wiki_file_regexp?


You have to regrenerate the cgi wrapper after changing your setup file for the configuration changes to take effect.

I tested it, setting wiki_file_chars => "moocow", running ikiwiki -refresh -wrappers my.setup, and looking at strings: 'wiki_file_regexp' => qr/(?-xism:(^[moocow]+$))/ So, this appears to have been user error. done --Joey