the aggregate plugin mashes the title of an aggregated post into a filename. This results in long filenames. I have hit a filesystem length limitation on several occasions. Some (ab)uses of RSS, e.g., twitter, generate long titles. Especially once you throw escaping into the mix:

$ ikiwiki --setup testsetup --aggregate --refresh
failed to write ./test/lifestream/Hidden_Features_Of_Perl__44___PHP__44___Javascript__44___C__44___C++__44___C__35____44___Java__44___Ruby___46____46____46__._aggregated.ikiwiki-new: File name too long
aggregation failed with code 9216
$ echo $?

It would also appear this abrubtly terminates aggregate processing (if not ikiwiki itself). Only after moving my test repo to /tmp to shorten the filename did I see newer RSS feeds (from a totally different source) picked up.

-- Jon

I have to wonder what filesystem you have there where 147 characters is a long filename. Ikiwiki already uses POSIX::pathconf on the srcdir to look up _PC_NAME_MAX to see if the filename is too long, and shortens it, so it seems that, in additional to having a rather antique long filename limit, your system also doesn't properly expose it via pathconf. Not sure what ikiwiki can do here. --Joey

This is an ext4 filesystem with default settings (which appears to mean 256 bytes for pathnames). Despite the error saying file name, it's definitely a path issue since moving my test repo to /tmpfrom /home/jon/wd/mine/www hides the problem. I note the following comment in

    # Make sure that the file name isn't too long. 
    # NB: This doesn't check for path length limits.

I don't fully grok the aggregate source yet, but I wouldn't rule out a bug in the path length checking, personally. I'm happy to try and find it myself though :) -- Jon

Path length seems unlikely, since the max is 4096 there. --Joey

Aggregate now used a "if it crashes, it must be too long" strategy. done --Joey