It would be nice if the aggregate plugin would try to extract the m/ctime out of each post and touch the files on the filesystem appropriately, so that ikiwiki reflects the actual time of the post via the inline plugin, rather than the time when the aggregation ran to pull the post in. --madduck

Like this? (Existing code in --Joey

# Set the mtime, this lets the build process get the right creation
# time on record for the new page.
utime $mtime, $mtime, pagefile($guid->{page})
    if defined $mtime && $mtime <= time;

I'll have to debug this, it's not working here... and this is an ikiwiki aggregator scraping another ikiwiki site.

Any news about this? --Joey

That would be useful to avoid "flooding" with old content when something new is added with aggregate and then listed with the inline directive. -- hugo