I've just noticed that attachment plugin escapes the underscore characters in attached filenames. For example, when I wanted to add foo_bar_baz.txt file, then Ikiwiki added file foo__95__bar__95__baz.txt to my Subversion repo. I hope that the filename is terribly ugly not only for me ;)

Is it a bug or security feature? --Paweł

Update: It's not only problem with attached filenames. I have mysql/myisam_vs_ndb.mdwn page in my wiki and attached two images (myisam_vs_ndb_sql.png and myisam_vs_ndb_cpu.png) and one OpenDocument file (myisam_vs_ndb.ods). Ikiwiki placed them into myisam__95__vs__95__ndb subdirectory as myisam__95__vs__95__ndb__95__sql.png, myisam__95__vs__95__ndb__95__cpu.png and myisam__95__vs__95__ndb.ods files. When I click "Attachments" link, I can't see my uploaded files, because there are in another subdirectory (myisam__95__vs__95__ndb instead of myisam_vs_ndb). --Paweł

done, uses linkpage now.

It's seems that now Ikiwiki doesn't escape the filenames with underscore(s). Thank you very much for the fast fix! --Paweł