It seems as if windows clients (IE) submit filenames with backslash as directory separator. (no surprise :-).

But the attachment plugin translates these backslashes to underscore, making the whole path a filename.

As far as I can see, that just means that the file will be saved with a filename something like c:__92__My_Documents__92__somefile. I don't see any "does not work" here. Error message?

Still, I don't mind adding a special case, though obviously not in basename. done --Joey

Well, it's probably something else also, I get bad attachment filename. Now, that could really be a bad filename, problem is that it wasn't. I even tried applying the wiki_file_prune_regexps one by one to see what was causing it. No problem there. The strange thing is that the error shows up when using firefox on windows too. But the backslash hack fixes at least the incorrect filename from IE (firefox on windows gave me the correct filename. I'll do some more digging... :-) /jh

This little hack fixed the backslash problem, although I wonder if that really is the problem? (Everything works perfectly from linux clients of course. :-)

sub basename ($) {
    my $file=shift;

    return $file;

Should probably be $file=~s!.*[/\\]+!! :-)