To reproduce:

  1. Add the backlinkbug plugin below to ikiwiki.
  2. Create a page named test.mdwn somewhere in the wiki.
  3. Refresh ikiwiki in verbose mode. Pages whose bestlink is the test.mwdn page will be printed to the terminal.
  4. Delete test.mdwn.
  5. Refresh ikiwiki in verbose mode again. The same pages will be printed to the terminal again.
  6. Refresh ikiwiki in verbose mode another time. Now no pages will be printed.

bestlink() checks %links (and %pagecase) to confirm the existance of the page. However, find_del_files() does not remove the deleted page from %links (and %pagecase).

Since find_del_files removes the deleted page from %pagesources and %destsources, won't it make sense for bestlink() to check %pagesources first? --harishcm

This same problem turned out to also be the root of half of ikiwiki's second-oldest bug, bestlink change update issue.

Fixing it is really a bit involved, see commit f1ddf4bd98821a597d8fa1532092f09d3d9b5483. The fix I committed fixes bestlink to not return deleted pages, but only after the needsbuild and scan hooks are called. So I was able to fix it for every case except the one you gave! Sorry for that. To fix it during beedsbuild and scan, a much more involved approach would be needed. AFAICS, no existing plugin in ikiwiki uses bestlink in needsbuild or scan though.

If the other half of bestlink change update issue is fixed, maybe by keeping a copy of the old backlinks info, then that fix could be applied here too. --Joey

Cool that was fast! Well at least half the bug is solved :) For now I'll probably try using a workaround if using bestlink within the needsbuild or scan hooks. Maybe by testing if pagemtime equals zero. --harishcm

Yeah, and bestlink could also do that. However, it feels nasty to have it need to look at pagemtime. --Joey

# Plugin to reproduce bestlink returning deleted pages. 
# Run with ikiwiki in verbose mode.

package IkiWiki::Plugin::bestlinkbug;

use warnings;
use strict;
use IkiWiki 3.00;

sub import {
    hook(type => "getsetup", id => "bestlinkbug", call => \&getsetup);
    hook(type => "needsbuild", id => "bestlinkbug", call => \&needsbuild);

sub getsetup () {
        plugin => {
            safe => 1,
            rebuild => 0,

sub needsbuild (@) {
    my $needsbuild=shift;

    foreach my $page (keys %pagestate) {
        my $testpage=bestlink($page, "test") || next;