After several runs of ikiwiki --refresh, the page I use with the ?brokenlinks directive on it accumulates multiple repeated lists of pages on the RHS. For example:

  • ?freebies from free kilowatts, free kilowatts, free kilowatts, free kilowatts, free kilowatts

In this case the page "free kilowatts" has one link to "freebies" (it's tagged freebies).

I think this may just be links caused by tags, actually.

ikiwiki version 3.14159265.

-- Jon

Is it possible that you upgraded from a version older than 3.12, and have not rebuilt your wiki since, but just refreshed? And did not run ikiwiki-transition deduplinks? If so, suggest you rebuild the wiki, or run that, either would probably fix the problem.

If you can get to the problem after rebuilding with the current ikiwiki, and then refreshing a few times, I guess I will need a copy of the wiki source and the .ikiwiki directory to reproduce this. --Joey

Hi Joey, thanks for your response. I've reproduced it post rebuild and after having ran ikiwiki-transition and many refreshes (both resulting from content changes and otherwise) unfortunately, with ikiwiki 3.14159265 (different machine to above report, though). I will contact you privately to provide a git URL and a copy of my .ikiwiki. -- Jon

Found the bug that was causing duplicates to get in, and fixed it. done --Joey

Good work Joey, thanks! -- Jon