I have this in my ikiwiki.setup:

comments_closed_pagespec: 'creation_before(comment_forbid_before)'

I was hoping it would forbid comments on pages older than comment_forbid_before.mdwn. I created the page, of which you can see a rendering here:


Notice how ikiwiki correctly parsed the meta directive to make the page as created about two years ago, as I have put this on top of comment_forbid_before.mdwn:

Yet the following page, which gets mysteriously respammed all the time, keeps on getting spammed anyways:


I have since them removed the spam, and worked around the problem by doing this configuration instead:

comments_closed_pagespec: 'creation_before(comment_forbid_before) or creation_year(2006)'

But later pages, "created before" the flag page, still have comments allowed:


Now I know that I could list every year my blog was in operation until now in that pagespec to workaround this, but I figured it would be nicer to fix this bug.

Alternatively, it would be great to have a creation_before(2 years ago) or creation_older_than(2 years) to do what I actually want here, which is to keep spam to newer pages, to reduce the attack surface.


-- anarcat