Related to using --cgi on command-line. The man page should just be more clear. ikiwiki-1.35 has: "Enable CGI mode. ..." To me this implies that is configuring something that will enable CGI mode. If I understand it correctly, it should say "Run ikiwiki as a CGI. Normally this is used from the ikiwiki.cgi CGI wrapper. ..."

The man page says:

Enable CGI mode. In cgi mode ikiwiki runs as a cgi script, and supports editing pages, signing in, registration, and displaying RecentChanges.

To use ikiwiki as a CGI program you need to use --wrapper or --setup to generate a wrapper. The wrapper will generally need to run suid 6755 to the user who owns the source and destination directories.

(emphasis mine). Anyway, if you have ideas to improve the man page, it's over in usage --Joey