the "Optional comment about this change:" text area is not showing up on my wiki when I edit pages. I just see the label "Optional comment about this change:" and no box in which to put the comment.

Is it possible I turned this off by messing around with plugins? Even if so, then it's strange that I see the "optional comment" text without the corresponding text area.

If the answer isn't immediately obvious you can see for yourself at (UN: guest PW: guest2011).

This happened to me. It was due to overriding either one of the ikiwiki templates based on an earlier version than current ikiwiki, or overriding style.css, instead of using local.css. It doesn't look like you are doing the former. Are you overriding the ikiwiki template dir with an out-of-date editpagel template? -- Jon

Yes, every time I've diagnosed this, it was an old page.tmpl. done --Joey