I edited some pages on the ikiwiki ikiwiki (shortcuts and ikiwikiusers). The edits show up in RecentChanges and History, but not in the compiled pages. --JoshTriplett

Well, I seem to have fixed this now (crossed fingers) --Joey

Looks fixed. Out of curiosity, what caused the problem? --JoshTriplett

Looks like a build died halfway through, so it was stumbling over rendered html pages that it didn't have record of. I don't know what build failed exactly. --Joey

Has this just happened again? datearchives-plugin is now exhibiting the same symptoms -- it's in the repository and RecentChanges, but the actual page is 404. --Ben

Yes, it seems to have happened again. Added debugging to track it down next time it occurs. It seems to be happening when you add things to patchqueue. --Joey

Got it, it seems that htperestradier was dying and this was killing ikiwiki before it could save state filed && done, for real this time. --Joey