The brokenlinks directive lists emails when used inside wikilinks: [[]] -> Obviously its is a bug since 1) there is a link generated in the page; 2) "fixing" the broken link in the brokenlinks page may yield to stange results JeanPrivat

There are no broken links!

Weird. The bug, imho, is that [[email-address]] results in a marked-up email address. I think marking up email addresses into hyperlinks should be handled by a markup plugin (e.g. markdown), not by the wikilink parser. I feel the same way for external links, but it appears this is all by design. — Jon

I belive this was done for compatability with the wikicreole plugin. Since in creole, a wikilink can contain an email or full html link, and it was easier to make ikiwiki's wikilinks do so too, rather than put entirely different link handling into creole.

Anyway, I've fixed this. done --Joey