When an enumeration contains entries starting with ordinal numbers, e.g., for lists of meeting dates, ikiwiki turns them all into the 1st.


The following lists should read: 1. January, 27. March, 99. November, 42. April But instead it reads:

    1. January
    1. March
    1. November
    1. April

That's a consequence of Markdown syntax. The syntax for ordered lists (HTML <ol>) in Markdown is to use arbitrary numeric prefixes in that style, so your text gets parsed as:


You can avoid that interpretation by escaping the dot with a backslash (1\. January) like so:

  • 1. January
  • 27. March

or by writing "1st January" and so on. --smcv

I think that this is a bug in Text::Markdown (and probably other versions of markdown). The [markdown spec)(http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax.text), though unmaintained and bitrotted into near illegibility, seems to say that list items can only be preceeded by whitespace:

"List markers typically start at the left margin, but may be indented by up to three spaces."

So "* * * 1. 2. 3." should not be parsed as a deeply nested list.

Forwarded to upsteam RT. done --Joey