Commit 3650d0265bc501219bc6d5cd4fa91a6b6ecd793a seems to have been caused by a bug in ikiwiki. recentchanges/* was added to the git repo incorrectly.

Part of the problem seems to be that git's rcs_commit does a git add followed by a rcs_commit_staged, and so calling rcs_commit on files that were not checked in before adds them, incorrectly.

I'm unsure yet why the recentchanges files were being committed. Possibly because of the link fixup code run when renaming a page. --Joey

See also rename fixup not attributed to author. --smcv

Ok, there was a call to rcs_commit that was still using non-named parameters, which confused it thuroughly, and I think caused 'git add .' to be called. I've fixed that.

I think there is still potential for the problem I described above to occur during a rename or possibly otherwise. Ok.. fixed rcs_commit to not add too. done --Joey