Background: I'm running ikiwiki on OS X leopard, (a laptop), and I have the wiki running locally, as it's mostly for note taking and personal stuff. Anyway.

I'd been using svn, but I'm making the leap to git (finally) and moving the wiki over as well...

The git works great, I am in fact, quite pleased. Here's the problem. When I try and run ikiwiki --setup [setupfile] I get the following message:

Can't exec "git": No such file or directory at /opt/local/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/IkiWiki/Rcs/ line 29.
/Users/tychoish/.ikiwiki/ikiwiki.setup: Cannot exec 'git log --max-count=50 --pretty=raw --raw --abbrev=40 --always -c -r HEAD -- .': No such file or directory
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 6) line 139.

/Users/$HOME/.ikiwiki/ikiwiki.setup: 'git log --max-count=50 --pretty=raw --raw --abbrev=40 --always -c -r HEAD -- .' failed: 
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 6) line 139.

I can get the wiki to compile if: I take the git stuff out of the setup file, if I put rcs => "" or if I set the the git_master_branch to "".

I think the problem is that ikiwiki can't deal with the onslaught of such a large quantity of history/log information at once, somehow, because the repository came to this moment with a lot of history that the compiler has to crunch through. How to remedy this, is beyond my skill insight...


-- tychoish

It looks like it can't find git; what is $PATH set to when ikiwiki is run, and is git in one of those directories? --?bma

Yeah, ikiwiki and git are both installed underneath macports, which is in the path and works just fine most of the time, and I use macports stuff a lot.

The PATH is set at the top of the ikiwiki program; so the system's PATH setting, or one in the environment will be ignored. (This is done for security since ikiwiki can be run setuid.) If you need to use a nonstandard path, you'll need to edit that. --Joey