The htmltidy plugin as in the version 2.32.3~bpo40+1 of ikiwiki does not play well with other usages of HTML Tidy since it has no possibility to use an alternative config file.

E.g. since I usually use HTML Tidy manually only to check and not to fix HTML, I have "markup: no" in my $HOME/.tidyrc which throws an awful lot of Perl warnings and renders all ikiwiki pages empty as soon as I enable htmltidy.

I see two possibilities how to fix this:

1) Replace "$pid=open2(IN, OUT, 'tidy -quiet -asxhtml -utf8 --show-body-only yes - -show-warnings no --tidy-mark no');" by "$pid=open2(IN, OUT, 'tidy -quiet -asxhtml -utf8 --show-body-only yes - -show-warnings no --tidy-mark no --markup yes');" -- This is the fastest fix, but not very elegant, since it doesn't solve the general problem.

2) Make it configurable via ikiwiki.setup as e.g.with the tags plugin. Haven't looked into this code yet.

I don't understand why you're talking about setting --write-back. The htmltidy plugin communicates with tidy using stdio. No files are used, so write-back settings should be irrelevant. --Joey

Hmmm, ok. Well, it didn't work. Empty pages, Perl Warnings. I moved my $HOME/.tidyrc away and it worked again. Had a short look into it and the only obvious non-default setting I found was write-back. I'll check what exactly caused the breakage and let you know. --XTaran

Ok, found it. It indeed wasn't write-back, but markup: no. (I usually only want to see warnings and errors, not the fixed markup.) I now've corrected this in the bug report above. --XTaran

Ok, so should I pass --markup yes, or should I force it not to use ~/.tidyrc? I can do that (by setting HOME to /dev/null), but there seems to be no way to override it reading /etc/tidy.conf, so options there can still screw things up. I guess I'll pass --markup yes and deal with overriding other problem settings from config files if they're found later. --Joey