Someone tried to report a bug using IRC while I was on vacation. --Joey

julm: [11:58:35] han, it's me the problem; I was generating a post-update hook instead of a pre-receive hook
julm: [12:03:59] why does the pre-receive hook return: "Status: 302 Found" and a "Location: "? Is it normal?
julm: [00:08:44] it's Plugin/ which is outputing those Status and Location
julm: [00:09:12] problem is that it's an anonymous push via git://
julm: [03:28:53] hacked my way to fix it somehow:;a=commitdiff;h=7211df4f7457c3afab53822a97cbd21825c473f4


  • IkiWiki::Receive calls check_canedit.
  • httpauth's canedit hook returns an error handler function which redirects the browser through the cgiauthurl. (Similarly, signinedit's hook may call needsignin, which can display a signin form.
  • That doesn't work well when doing a git anon push. :)
  • Also, IkiWiki::Receive calls check_canattach and check_canremove, which both also call check_canedit.

So, all these calls need to avoid running the error handler functions returned by canedit hooks, and just return error messages. done --Joey