I have a mobile setup of ikiwiki.

  • On my server, I set up an ikiwiki + svn
  • On my laptop, I did a check out of the svn and used it as the src of a local ikiwiki (local apache server)

I wanted to be able to change my wiki off line with cgi only, and just commit as I come back online.

During the laptop setup, I think that the setup was confused by the fact that my src directory is a versionned one. I had to setup explicitely rcs => "" to force it to work the way I wanted.

Should it be documented ?

rcs => "" is only needed with ikiwiki before version 1.37. As of 1.37, you have to manually enable a rcs => "svn" etc to get it to use a revision control system. So no, I don't need to document the rcs => "" thing. --Joey

after some tests, the main trouble with this setup is that it won't make the "svn add" for the new files. I wonder what should be the setup if I want to use ikiwiki off line on the laptop and then commit back the changes, without having to take care of the new files before svn commit-ting... --hb (hugues)

Hi. It sounds like you want a distributed RCS, where you can branch and commit changes locally and periodically push changes back. What I do is use svk, which is a distributed RCS based on svn, edit using text editors on my laptop, and periodically svk push up to the server, which triggers a rebuild on the server. I think Joey works this way too, but I'm not sure. If you don't like editing pages "by hand" then maybe you should look at git or mercurial -- they should theoretically allow you to run apache on a working copy which is itself a branch of a working copy running on another machine, but I haven't used them so I don't know. --Ethan

Well, by hand editing is just what I'm making sometime. it's just using subversion, in fact. But, yes, someone told me about git, which seems to allow what you are describing. In fact, my needs are typically that I want to have 2 ikiwiki web-frontend on two (or more) different machines, with one machine sometimes off-line. Imagine a team of auditor that want to report and collaborate on a wiki, but are not allways connected.

I don't use svk, I just let the ikwiki on my laptop update a source directory that's a subversion checkout, and I manually commit changes back to the central wiki using svn. Yes, this does include manually adding new files. It would be possible to hack the svn module so that it added new files, but did not ever try to commit. Maybe call that a halfsvn module or something.

Of course git may be a better fit. It would also be possible to add svk support to ikiwiki, although I've not done it yet. --Joey

Looks like this is not really a bug, so I'm considering it done.. --Joey