When building ikiwiki in the background, having a --quiet which will only report errors would be nice. -- RichiH

Except for building wrappers, and possibly progress cruft output to stderr by git (gag), ikiwiki is quiet by default. --Joey

Correct, which means it's not quite quiet:

% ikiwiki --setup foo --rebuild
generating wrappers..
successfully generated foo
successfully generated foo
rebuilding wiki..
scanning [...]
building [...]

Yes, I can simply redirect the output, but an option would be cleaner, imo. -- Richard

The output above looks like verbose mode output to me (the scanning/building lines, at least). Check you haven't enabled it in your setup file by accident. I get the following:

$ ikiwiki --setup setup
successfully generated [cgi]
successfully generated [post-update]
skipping bad filename [...]

I've written a patch (merged), pull request sent) that fixes the 'generated...' lines. -- Jon