The img directive allows for specifying an align parameter -- which is of limited usability as the image is embedded as <p><img ...></p>. That's at least what I see on On the other hand, CSS is supposed to be used instead, I guess. (But how... I forgot almost of my CSS foo again ;-) it seems.) --tschwinge

The img tag doesn't create P tags, but if you have surrounded the img directive with newlines, they will result in paragraph tags.

I've edited the URL you provided to demonstrate this -- hope you don't mind! I've also added an inline, right-aligned image to this page. -- Jon

Contrary to all of the above, html does not care about P tags when floating an image to the left or right via align. Proof:, where the image is in its own paragraph but still floats. Also, I re-modified a local copy of the hurd page to enclose the image in a P, and it still floats.

Tested with Chromium and Firefox. --Joey

Uh, sorry for not confirming what I supposed to be with looking into the relevant standard. It just seemed too obvious to me that the closure of <p>...</p> would confine whatever embedded stuff may be doing. (Meaning, I didn't expect that the img's alignment would propagate to the p's and would thus be visible from the outside.)

I confirm (Firefox, Ubuntu jaunty) that your picture page is being shown correctly -- thus I suppose that there's a buglet in our CSS scripts again...


It seems, the 'align=right' parameter gets filtered in my installation Are there other plugins, that could throw the parameter away? --jwalzer

Can't think of anything. htmlscrubber doesn't; tidy doesn't. --Joey